Signs that You Need a New Window

Windows are very important part of a house. They let natural light shine through our homes and they also enable the inhabitants of the house enjoy the view of the outside neighborhood. They also provide additional ventilation for our homes. Not only that, they add to the appeal and aesthetic of our homes. 

These are just some of the reasons why we need to keep a good-looking and well-maintained window. But sometimes, we tend to forget to check and inspect the conditions of our windows. We then just find ourselves a window that is beyond repair and needs replacement. Here are the signs that you need to replace your windows: 


This is the most obvious indications that your windows need replacement. When you can feel the cold air coming in and you can feel the breeze of the air when standing by the window these indicates a drafty window. It often occurs when the window can’t shut properly, and the locking mechanism doesn’t work. This can also be a potential security issue. This issue is more apparent during winter season where cold winds can be felt inside your home. This causes the warm and comfortable air inside to escape. When you notice these changes, it clearly shows that your windows need to be changed. 

Higher electricity bills 

Older windows are mostly single panes which are more vulnerable to leaks. This can cause you more money in your heating and air conditioning costs and leads to higher electricity bill. Specially during winter and summer where you tend to use more of your heating or air conditioning. This could cost you up to a few dollars more than your regular bill and investing in a more efficient and more advanced windows, like those containing argon gas and low-emissivity (LoE) glass could save you a lot in your energy bills and this could even provide more comfort for you and your family no matter the weather.  

Poor window mechanism 

Closing and opening a window shouldn’t feel like an exercise, it should close or open with ease. However, old and rusty windows will give you these issues. These maybe caused by rotten wooden frames, rusty old ones and even warped PVC frames that have degenerated over time. Every material has its own weakness and old windows that needs replacing tend to show these signs. Another reason might be that the window frame is not fitting the space anymore and this clearly needs to be replaced with a newer window. You should take not the a fully working lock is an additional seal against escaping air from our house and the most important is that it also provides additional security. Thus, anything working other than this should be changed or replaced.  

Decayed frames 

No matter what type of materials used for your window frames, eventually there will come a time that these materials will degrade and decay due to environmental factors. Dampness, rain, sunlight and moisture can be the major causes of these. So, when you see this in your windows, that will be a clear sign that you need to replace them.  

Windows are part of the main features that adds values to our homes. it doesn’t just offer beauty, but it also protects us from the cold and hot weather and even adds security to our houses. When you see these clear signs and indications above that you need to have your windows replaced, schedule a new window installation from Park View Window. They can help you with the different types of windows that is suitable for your homes. give them a call now to experience a better view!  


How to Prevent Illegal Dumping?

Do you still remember the last time you observed household waste being left in the bushes outdoors? This could be pretty common in some parts of the world. Construction or corporate waste sometimes finds itself among the trees and grass. A lot of residents today have the misunderstanding the duping their yard waste or old automobiles in public spaces are acceptable. Well, this can be a form of illegal dumping and should be prevented at all costs. 

Illegal dumping has effects that go more than just being unattractive sight. Illegal dumping’s long-standing disadvantage far outweigh the energy and time saved by what people consider is a fast fix. 

Half-empty paint containers, acid bottles, or batteries can get absorbed into the soils and mix with groundwater, making a hazardous environment. From these items, the radioactive chemical that they produce can greatly impact the resources we have today. Also, illegal dumping can ruin any country’s touristic value particularly if it’s renowned for its natural heritage.  

Illegal dumping is undeniably destructive to the environment, our wellbeing, and our health. Now, are there any ways to avoid this? To know more about them, keep on reading below: 

Constant vigilance 

Residents can help their property to be free of illegal dumping of waste by setting up fences, alarms, and surveillance cameras that can alert them in case there’s movement. Such are typical security measures that can be prolonged and be widely used to guarantee that your property’s surroundings will be clean most of the time.  

Regular clean-up  

Illegal dumping wouldn’t be the first time people have come as one for the greater good, and this will not be the last either. At this point, a lot of enthusiastic groups of activists have already made this transpire. This is one way to encourage other communities all over the world to promote being proactive in securing their landscape. There are a lot of ways to make such groups—it can be through volunteering associations or social networking. All of these efforts boil down to one cause, which is to help the environment clean at all times. 

Careful monitoring 

The municipal authorities in every area or state can serve as the cleaner habitat’s watchdog by appointing individuals to do surveillance duty. As a collaborative effort of the community members and the officials, this can help prevent and deter off illegal dumpers.  

A number to contact can be given to everybody to aid in reporting offenders easily. In several counties, services like this are already functioning. The offenders’ penalties that come with illegal dumping can be fines that amount up to 150,000 dollars or more, and even imprisonment depending on how severe your case is.  

Contact Lexington Kentucky junk removal company today to have an estimate for free and have your waste cleaned and help for junk removal without even lifting a finger or doing anything. If you don’t have any idea how to dispose of trash properly, consult to them right away and ask for suggestions from the experts.